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We’re here to make a difference – for small businesses, individuals, communities, cities, and brands – through design, search engine optimization, content creation, storytelling & photography. We’re a thinktank, a creative agency, and problem solvers.

Rust Creative & Treno

Treno is an upscale, restaurant with a focus on Italian cuisine looking to reach a larger market and attract more customers. Rust Creative recommends focused, regular use of social media (3-5 posts per week) to communicate with and attract customers. We will help tell Treno’s story through consistent, branded photography and video, design menus (regular and specials), and consult/manage social media ad placements for the market surrounding Kent, Ohio. 

Rust Creative - Commercial Photography for Franklin Hotel Bar
Advertistement/Photography for Franklin Hotel Bar
Content Creation for Tree City Coffee
Food Photography for Tree City Coffee

Social Media Marketing.

Rust Creative’s Social Media Marketing Division has helped small business clients reach more than 1.8 million customers in 2018 alone. Better yet, we specialize in restaurant marketing. Some of our most trusted restaurant clients include Tree City Coffee, Franklin Hotel Bar, and Erie Street Kitchen.

Treno’s Market

According to our research, Rust Creative feels there are a few viable markets for Treno within an 8-mile radius of Kent.

  1. People 32-years old and older looking for a convenient, classy, reasonable and romantic restaurant.
  2. Local professionals/educators who are seeking a quiet spot to work, or a quick lunch.
  3. College students that are either looking for a “second” date night or are looking for restaurants to bring parents. 

Through photography, copywriting and marketing, Rust Creative will rebrand Treno as an everyday, affordable and high-quality restaurant/bar for all people in the community – not just a special event restaurant.

Menu Design for Franklin Hotel Bar

Menu Design.

Rust Creative works closely with many chefs to deliver impeccably designed menus on short notice (24 hours or less). We can either print them in-house or deliver high-quality PDFs to your team for printing elsewhere.

Rust Creative Photography


Rust Creative specializes in editorial & lifestyle photography as well as product and food photography. Our chief photographer, Roger Hoover, grew up looking out the windows of used cars. He’s adept at ad hoc shoots where he has to find the visual story in the most unlikeliest of places. To view work, please visit our Instagram page, or our photography page. We also photograph the majority of Main Street Kent events, such as Wizardly World of Kent and Seven Courses (at Treno!)

Plan and Cost.

  1. Post 3-5 posts/week on Instagram and Facebook.
  2. Update website with new imagery/specials weekly.
  3. Boost website visibility through search engine optimization.
  4. Photograph Treno 1-2 days week, building a catalog of menu items, drinks, wines, as well as photographing behind-the-scenes to tell the story of Treno’s main employees.
  5. Update all menus according to Chef/management.
  6. Consult on social media ad placement (cost of ads to be paid for by Treno). We recommend a $50/week ad spend for Facebook and Instagram combined.
  7. Rust Creative consults regularly on business matters with other restaurant-specific clients. We can make ourselves available for consulting with Treno as part of this package. For example, we consult with Franklin Hotel Bar on interior design decisions, Tree City Coffee on events/specials. 

Total Monthly Cost: $1400