Rust Creative Grant

Are you an artist, small business, or a musician who desperately needs a a high-quality website built to sell, attract new customers, and sell your products? Rust Creative is introducing the Rust Creative Grant.

We’re┬áHere to Help

We started as artists and makers long before we became a small business. In the early stages, its hard enough to make great work, with an all-consuming focus on developing your craft. Learning to design and build a website – let alone find the funding to have one built for you – is daunting. That’s where Rust Creative comes in.

We’re introducing the Rust Creative Grant to help artists, musicians, chefs, or small businesses get a leg up on their competition by designing, developing, and hosting a website for you. At no cost. We’ll train you on how to maintain your website, develop pages, blog posts, and sell items. We’ll even host the website for you (for one year). With our help, you’ll be able to establish and grow your business in the digital world while you focus on your work in the real world.

So, if you’re a maker, and you need help, please, fill out the form below and we’ll consider you for the Rust Creative Grant.

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