We create branded, visual content and photography for use on social media, advertising and marketing campaigns.


Food, Drink + Hospitality Photography
We work closely with restaurants, hotels, coffeeshops and bistros to deliver both rapid-fire photo sessions in a live setting as well as carefully planned studio sessions


Community + Event Photography
We're always covering community fundraisers, festivals, product demonstrations, and more to create photos that reveal who your business is in your community


Product + Service Photography
Nothing says, "Buy Me!" more than a few photographs that perfectly capture your product or service more than a well-lit, studio photograph of your product or service

Photography Services

Event & Community
Food & Beverage


We use photography to create branded visual content that helps your business connect with people.

You know the old adage, "A pictures is worth a thousand words?" Its true (but don't tell our copywriters). People are spending more time in media than ever before.

Media can no longer be treated as a commodity. Media is the dominant connection between people and brands and the most powerful asset for businesses to understand their existing and potential customers as real people.

Small businesses are reinventing themselves around media to accelerate brand growth. The more you interact with your customers using original, branded photo and video, the greater that connection.

Rust Creative Food Photography
Instagram for Restaurants
Food Photography
Content Creation for Tree City Coffee

Photographing Food on Location

"I'm usually at restaurants during off-hours when the restaurant's closed or when there's not a lot of customers. I'll sometimes bring a simple lighting setup but I try to shoot natural light as much as I can. I work closely with the chef, discussing timing, plating. I have to work fast - restaurants don't have a lot of time, nor do they tend to have a large budget. So, I work quickly to capture the atmosphere of the restaurant as well as the essence of the food. I'm trying to capture the spirit of everything." - Rust Creative photographer, Roger Hoover

Food Photography

Clients like Tree City Coffee & Franklin Hotel Bar can attest to the quality, scope, and attractiveness of employing Rust Creative to photograph their weekend and seasonal specials; lifestyle shots of the kitchen, staff or customers; or menus and advertisements.


Instagram for Restaurants


"Roger has been a pleasure to work with. His eye for composition and creativity has brought our coffee and pastries to life! In addition, his candid shots of both employees and customers, have been perfect for our social media needs." - Lauren Heroux, Tree City Coffee & Pastry


Cocktail Photography - Rust Creative
Rust Creative Cocktail Photography
Rust Creative Cocktail Photography
Food Photography by Rust Creative

Cocktail Photography

Photographing cocktails seems simple. You pour or order a drink, then you take a picture. What more could there be? As it turns out, a lot. Cocktails are often served in low lit atmospheres, in reflective glassware, with a limited window to photograph before the ice melts, foam settles, and colors dissipate.


"Roger has been an invaluable partner to my businesses. He provides valuable perspective and stays current on market trends so we don’t have to keep as close an eye. And he has given our brands the distinct voice and image we were seeking." - Mike Beder, Franklin Hotel Bar & Venice Cafe


Community Photography

Community + Event Photography

When non-profit community supporter Main Street Kent needs a photographer for festivals, events, and promotions, they know Rust Creative will deliver timely, high-quality photography for use in print and digital advertising or social media use.


"Rust Creative has photographed several Main Street Kent events, both indoors and out, and they do a stellar job! We’re grateful for Rust Creative's quality work and personable approach." - Heather Malarcik, Executive Director, Main Street Kent


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