We’re not like a supermarket. We’re like a boutique with cheaper prices tucked away in some long-forgotten alley that only the cool kids know about. There are things we do exceptionally well that we’ve dedicated our lives to studying. There are things we don’t do. If they aren’t listed here, we don’t do them.

Content Creation

Pretty broad, like Atlas’ shoulders, isn’t it? Content creation is the creation of digital media in the form of photography, design, & copywriting for use on social media, websites, and other media. Find out more about content creation.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of ensuring that a site appears high on search results returned by a search engine. Accomplished through coding, content creation, and adapting to ever-changing algorithms.

Design & Branding

We design logos, menus, brochures, posters, tradeshow booths, business cards, packaging, or, essentially, anything that gets printed or displayed.


We’ve been working with eCommerce businesses since 1997. That’s since the last century. A lot has changed since the 20th century in terms of marketing and growing an online business, and we’ve been there the whole time to witness it.


Ideation is the formulation of ideas. Is that a thing, you ask? Yeah, it is. Some people are incapable of taking this wealth of information and actually applying it or creating something out of it. We do that.

Social Media Marketing

We can’t give away our secrets, but our success in SMM comes from our ability to craft an original voice for your brand when writing copy, and creating visual identities through design & photography.


We’re living in a visual age. If it can’t be seen, people don’t react. So, why don’t we have photographs on this page? Because search engines don’t like photographs.

Web Design

Web design is where we started. We grew up in Adobe, FrontPage, and Quark. Now, we do it all by hand. That’s right. Handmade web design. How’s that for environmentally friendly?

Our Clients

 Rust Creative’s focus is helping small businesses reach larger markets. We work closely with our clients. They become family. These are just a few of Rust Creative clients that are expanding and growing.

Our Work - Rust Creative & Tree City CoffeeTree City Coffee

Rust Creative and Tree City Coffee have a long, creative relationship. We create content (copy, photography) for Tree City Coffee, manage ad campaigns and social media, and consult on marketing, advertising, and content creation. They pull a great shot of espresso, and have a dedicated, creative team that consistently crafts new, delectable seasonal drinks (that we love photographing!).

Our Work - Franklin Hotel Bar - Rust Creative

Franklin Hotel Bar

Franklin Hotel Bar’s classy and throwback appeal pair well with Rust Creative’s visual aesthetic. Its why Rust was hired to design and develop their website, create content for their “Classic Cocktail” blog, develop social media and marketing strategies, design digital and print ads, as well as photograph their amazing, handcrafted cocktails and Chef Chuck Crawford’s small plate menu.

Our Work - e-Tint Products & Rust Creative

e-Tint Products

e-Tint Products have been Rust Creative’s longest client. We watched (and helped) them grow from a small dream into a small business powerhouse. Along the way, we’ve designed trade show booths, marketing materials, design and developed numerous websites, SEO roadmaps, and even helped with a few product designs.

AlphaMicron & Rust Creative


AlphaMicron is a global leader in liquid crystal based light management technologies. They are the first company to put liquid crystal-based electronic tint on flexible plastic films and use it to provide protection against the sun for war fighters. They expanded their capabilities in applications ranging from eyewear and protective goggles to automotive applications and architectural glass. We can’t claim to know the physics behind the process, but we know enough to work as consultants on marketing, design, and development.

Custer Products - Rust Creative

Custer Products

Custer Products came to Rust Creative with one objective: increase search engine rankings. And, we delivered. In one year, we increased Custer Products search engine visibility by over 1300%. That’s not a typo. How did we do it? By re-developing the website for search engine optimization, re-constructing the information architecture, and creating original, informative content that search engines eat up. The best part of increasing search engine visibility? Increase in sales.

Diversa Advertising and Rust Creative


We help marketing and advertising company, Diversa, with a great number of advertising projects. We design print ads for Diversa’s stable of innovative clients in manufacturing industries throughout the United States and beyond. Rust Creative’s design work has included trade show booths, industry magazine ads, calendars, maps, and digital advertising.


We’ve taken the complexity of bus scheduling and routing and designed minimal, easy-to-use route maps for PARTA’s many routes throughout Northeast Ohio.


To commemorate Akron Metro Housing Authority’s 85th anniversary we designed a calendar that paid homage to their history and expressed their vision for future housing opportunities in Summit County.


Ametek is an American global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with headquarters in the United States and over 220 manufacturing sites worldwide. They were founded in 1930. We helped them with tradeshow booth design and marketing materials for a new line of products that launched in 2018.