We recently used local search optimization and keyword gap analysis to increase traffic for a new client that was looking to gain more visibility in search rankings. Like any Rust Creative client, we ran free audits of their online assets including their website and social media (we run monthly audits for all of our clients). Our discovery wasn’t much of a surprise – they ranked extremely low on every keyword except for their name. So, we proposed a solution.

Local Search Optimization & Keyword Gap Analysis

Their ideal keywords (“eyewear,” for example) are highly competitive. So, we ran a gap analysis to see discover keyword strings related to their market, how competitive each string was, where their competitors ranked, and how much search volume those strings received. With this information we settled on two keyword strings that are both competitive and receive high search volume. The key though? Their competitors do not have much search volume for these keyword strings.


  1. Client wants to rank for “eyewear.”
  2. Gap Analysis to discover keyword strings we can start building search visibility for
  3. Discover the search terms “ballistic eyepro” and “tactical eyepro” – both terms that are relevant for their product

At the same time we ran analysis, we started building up their local search optimization. Oftentimes, this is a largely overlooked area that is easily remedied with a quick audit and edit of your homepage and other online assets.

This is where we often tell new clients that results take anywhere from 3-6 months. We edited all their online assets, posted from their social media, and kept a close eye on analytics. This client didn’t see a boost in search rankings in 3-6 months, they went from ranking 121st to 4th in a week. That’s right, one week! By improving their local search rankings, posting with regularity on social media, adding fresh, optimized content to their website and optimizing their web pages for search engines, we were able to significantly increase traffic, lower bounce rates (the rate at which visitors quickly leave your website), and increase sales.

Client: e-Tint

There’s a reason our clients rank high in local search and global search – we know what we’re doing, we make necessary changes that last in the long run, and we’re transparent about what we’re doing. Local search optimization should not be ignored. Let Rust Creative fix your local search optimization!

This is another decidedly different and brilliant post from Rust Creative. If you would like to receive a free website audit, contact us. If you’re website needs optimized for local search traffic, contact us. We can help. See more search engine optimization.

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