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Instagram for Restaurants

We’ve dined at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago, explored BBQ throughout the gravel roads of the American South, crushed grapes in Milan, and still take adventurous gastronomic trips in some of America’s finest cities. We’re food lovers with a lifetime of experience in design, marketing, and photography. That’s why, a few years ago, we started focusing more on restaurants than any other industry.

Rust Creative Food Photography

Northeast Ohio Restaurant Scene

The Northeast Ohio food industry – and restaurants, in particular – have seen a renaissance of late. We’re fortunate. From Akron to Cleveland, we have a vibrant food scene with dozens of James Beard nominees. Over 51% of restaurants touting farm-to-table approaches in the kitchen. Every week a new restaurant, food truck, or cocktail bar enters an already crowded market, all competing for the same consumer – mostly 25-45 year olds. We can no longer guarantee that customers will sit at our tables through old marketing tactics like print advertising, radio spots, or word-of-mouth.

Instagram for Restaurants

Aside from travel, food is the most popular niche on photo-sharing social media platform, Instagram. It doesn’t matter whether you run a food truck, cocktail bar, upscale restaurant or catering service. What does matter? Having high quality photography with a consistent visual identity and voice, and telling a story.

Telling a Story

Show your customers that you are an integral part of your community. Our research indicates that posts regarding community involvement engage customers at much higher rates than consistently posting food photos. Are you in Cleveland? Post regularly about your love for Cleveland sports, or show your chefs purchasing food from the market.

Rust Social Media for Restaurants

We not only manage social media for a number of restaurants in bars throughout Northeast Ohio, we also photograph, design, and create video ads for our clients. We’re a small business, so we focus entirely on small businesses.

Rust Creative is located in Kent, Ohio. We know your competitors, we know food, and we know Instagram. You source your food locally, why not your creative agency?

We’re looking to partner with select clients around Akron, Canton and Cleveland to add to our existing roster of clients (available upon request). Plans start as little as $400/month for photography and Instagram management.

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