Food Photography

We can shoot in studio, on location, and travel/lifestyle food photography. We know our way around a kitchen, so we'll stay out of the way, or, better yet, we can prepare your meals in-house and shoot them from our studio, provided you supply us with a recipe. Tired of over-styled food photography? Us too. Our minimal approach to food styling lets the food speak for itself. Our recipe for food photography success is as follows: 1/4c Jackson Pollock, 1/2tbs Francis Mallman, seasoned with natural light and a dash of Daido Moriyama.

Food Photography by Rust Creative

Increase your following with great food photography.

Rust Creative food photographer, Roger Hoover, creates high-quality, branded visual content of your food, cocktails, and atmosphere that is instantly shareable, driving traffic to your social media and into your restaurant.

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Food Photography by Rust Creative
Food Photography by Rust Creative
Food Photography
Food Photography by Rust Creative
Rust Creative Restaurant Photography
Food Photography by Rust Creative
Rust Creative Food Photography
Rust Creative Food Photography

We're Foodies + Food Photographers

Who also love food photography! We could all say that we have a long history with food. We need it, after all, to survive. Our founder, designer and photographer Roger Hoover, began life watching his grandfather, Charles, turn flour, a few eggs, and water into divine kluski noodles. The alchemy of cooking has always intrigued him.  It was his grandfather too who inspired Roger's brother, Josef, to become a chef. In all, there are three chefs in our founder's family alone. It was only natural that Hoover combined his fine art education with his love for food and became a food photographer.


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