Custer Products

Custer Products manufactures and distributes LED lights, tow lights, and other related lighting products to the trucking, towing, agricultural, off-road, and safety industries through a network of distributors in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe. Founded in 1993, they operate out of an 80,000 square foot facility that is located in North Canton, Ohio.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing began with a unique number of challenges. One, they are marketing products to distributors. Unlike consumers, distributors receive discount pricing. A distributor must be signed in to the website in order to view pricing, and product specific details.

We began the process by analyzing all of the content, copy and search engine analytics. We eliminated all redundant or buried pages, and constructed a more organized site structure by defining strict categorization rules. Once we developed the new sitemap and structure, we wrote SEO rewrites for old pages (either ones that were eliminated or ones with messy URLs) to the new, SEO-friendly URLs.


As a result of new web design and search engine optimization,’s traffic increased from an average of 57 pageviews per month to 30k+ over the course of a year. Growth maintained and average 10% growth of pageviews over the next two years.