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More traffic through storytelling.

Good content creation and marketing is an artform designed to help your customers make better decisions and fall in love with your brand while making them. Rust Creative content marketers make complex ideas incredibly simple.

We analyze your market to discover what the people are looking for. Then we create the content marketing strategy that brings them to you.

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Content Marketing & SEO

Content marketing aims to get business by giving away free, useful information. Unlike the pre-internet business days of old, customers can now compare prices and features in mere seconds. They can easily find reviews. People have the power. By 2013, buyers handled 75% of the traditional sales funnel before ever making a purchase. If you’re a business owner you need to find a way to get on their radar and make a lasting impression.  Content marketing is the most popular way to do this. Content marketers create compelling information that informs, engages or amuses potential customers.

Types of Content Marketing:

  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Memes

Content Creation

We become experts in whatever it is your selling then write original copy, design ads, photograph anything and everything, and post on your behalf to your website, email subscribers and social media. Content creation includes:

  • Web copy (blog posts, landing pages, pillar pages, etc.)
  • Lead magnets (ebooks, checklists, templates, etc.)
  • Infographics & data visualization
  • Case studies & interviews
  • Email (nurture campaigns, drips, onboarding sequences, etc.)

Content Promotion

We’ve created the content, now we have to make sure its discoverable. We deliver your content through any number of mediums, depending on our research.

  • Social media marketing
  • Email promotion
  • PPC & retargeting

Content Marketing Methods

The Scout

Discover competitors and beat them at their own game.

This method requires you to find content that’s already in high demand, and then creating your own definitive, best-of-all-time version of that content. It’s a highly, highly competitive methodology that pulls in long-term traffic from search engines, social media, and influencers.

Case Study: We wrote a nearly definitive History of the Tow Truck for our client, Custer Products. This article has generated an enormous amount of traffic for Custer Products.

The Forager

Discover what they missed and deliver it.

This content marketing methodology focuses on areas your competitors overlooked in their race to grab the marketplace. The Forager methodology is the cheap-and-fast family of content marketing tactics that give you an edge—even if your competitors can outspend you.

Case Study: Our carefully constructed and highly contagious Cocktail Blog for client Franklin Hotel Bar lifted them above local competition by delivering informative and engaging content that built trust in their market for being one of the area’s finest cocktail bars.

The Rangefinder

Quality can only take you so far. This methodology focuses on quantity.

The Rangefinder methodology is aggressive: it unleashes a never-ending fleet of content that keeps all eyes on you.

Case Study: We handle the photography, copywriting, and advertising for Tree City Coffee and deliver content daily through all of their media outlets. Although their market contains at least four other competitors, Tree City Coffee is always in the public eye due to our consistency in delivering content and consistency in brand message and visual identity. @treecitycoffee

The Lonewolf

Show them something completely new.

The Lone Wolf methodology is creates and promotes content that competitor was anticipating. Content created in this vein brings in massive shares, news coverage, and a distances yourself from your competition.

How much does this cost?

So, you might not have the same deep pockets for advertising and marketing of a larger business. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the same, high-quality work of a larger business. (Secret: We scale our expense to fit your needs.) It all starts with a conversation.

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