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Rust Creative is located in Kent, Ohio but we help small businesses all throughout the Great Lakes region. If we can't, we can recommend someone we trust who can.


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Rust Creative was created to serve small business with design, marketing and content creation. That's the short of it.

The concept of Rust Creative started in the early 2000s as I worked alongside family in a small, family business where I learned the ins-and-outs of web design and search engine optimization. After a review of our business in the New York Times I realized that an online publication had the power to drive traffic to a business and help us convert people into customers. There were two things that continually added to our success: quality, original content and designing for search engines.

I decided to leave the family business (but still consult to this day) and test my theories with creative, digitally-minded agencies. At first it wasn't easy convincing agency CEOs to follow my concept. And it wasn't easy selling the idea that content drives customers to impatient clients (this takes anywhere from 3 months to a year to evolve). But, eventually, some did buy in and we saw enormous success. Yet, I wasn't satisfied.

I didn't want this knowledge to be accessible to only those who could afford it, so I left the agency work behind and started Rust Creative to focus solely on small businesses, family businesses, nonprofits, and other independents who strengthen, grow, and guide their communities. One of our very first clients was a nonprofit hellbent on revitalizing the community of Kent, Ohio - Main Street Kent. I witnessed firsthand how involved they were, and the results they produced.

The insight I have gathered over years of working in this industry has helped hundreds of small businesses. We moved into consulting, photography, videography, copywriting - anything to create content. We're contstantly evolving, keeping up with trends and algorithm changes.

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We're good at what we do, but we have yet to unlock our telepathic powers. Get fresh tips, how-tos, and decidedly different articles to make marketing decisions that work. (1,464 are already).


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We make a difference for businesses, brands and communities with exceptional search engine + social marketing, content creation, and photography.

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