We help small businesses and brands discover and tell their stories.


We gain an understanding of your brand, content strategy and goals through listening and discovery


We develop a strategic foundation to guide content creation and measure success


We distribute content across relevant platforms to help spread your brand stories

We're a marketing agency built to understand small business needs. We make a difference for businesses exceptional search engine + social marketing, content creation, and photography

We're Rust Creative and we're passionate about small businesses. We believe that small businesses are the most valuable commodity in communities all across the country. When small businesses thrive, communities respond. We were founded on the principal that your small business deserves a marketing agency that understands your needs. We deliver.

We solve problems through creativity and collaboration.

Our goal is to create purposeful work that works for your audience and your business. Our creative, analytics, content, and strategy experts discover and build on the truths that help small business brands better connect with people in their communities to realize their most ambitious goals.

We believe there are better ways for brands to connect with people. And we’re on a mission to guide small businesses to better connections. These are just some of the services we offer our clients.

Rust Creative has been an invaluable partner to my businesses. They have given our brands the distinct voice and image we were seeking.

- Mike Beder. Franklin Hotel Bar, Tree City Coffee, Venice Cafe, Water Street Tavern

Rust Creative - Business of the Year

We were honored and humbled to receive Business of the Year from our friends at Main Street Kent. Our devotion to community and small business is stronger than ever. In the past year alone we've welcomed more than a dozen small businesses into the Rust Creative family. Thank you all for your commitment to your businesses, your community, and Rust Creative. We grow together!

CEO Roger Hoover accepting Business of the Year award from Main Street Kent

Social Media Marketing from Rust Creative

Not only do you receive our award-winning content creation to help engage customers, we also create a custom-tailored approach based on sound information, analytics, intuition and knowledge that will get you more customers. That’s why Rust Creative is your social media marketing agency.

Tree City Coffee

7,627+ followers
4,254+ followers
2,670+ followers

Main Street Kent

14,587+ followers
3,243+ followers
4,066+ followers

Water Street Tavern

11,214+ followers
3,463+ followers
1,462+ followers

Venice Cafe

3,418+ followers
1,058+ followers
1,042+ followers

Your search for an honest, transparent search engine optimization agency is over. We specialize in the growing localized search market. 

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Get discovered on search engines with our proven search engine optimization methods. We help your small business get discovered in your local market, or help your larger e-commerce business compete with larger box stores. 


1. Add Your Business to Search Engines
2. Local Search Optimization

Rust Creative Marketing Agency

Custer Products

Since 2017, Rust Creative has increased CusterProducts.com traffic by over 150% through search engine optimization. Sales across their website and Amazon channel have also exploded. They regularly rank in the top 4 for their respective keywords.

Main Street Kent

Main Street Kent is a non-profit organization focused on the revitalization of downtown Kent, Ohio. They organize countless events, festivals, and activities for the community to enjoy. MainStreetKent.org has grown from a little under 1k visitors per month to over 6k visitors/month under Rust's direction.

e-Tint Products

e-Tint crafts tactical and ballistic eyewear that changes tint instantly by utilizizing advanced properties of liquid crystal technology. Their eyewear is available to both military personnel and the public sector. Simply, they save lives and make going from light to dark environments safer for outdoor enthusiasts .

Rust Creative Food Photography

Photography Services

Event & Community
Food & Beverage


We use photography to create branded visual content that helps your business connect with people.

You know the old adage, "A pictures is worth a thousand words?" Its true (but don't tell our copywriters). People are spending more time in media than ever before.

Media can no longer be treated as a commodity. Media is the dominant connection between people and brands and the most powerful asset for businesses to understand their existing and potential customers as real people.

Small businesses are reinventing themselves around media to accelerate brand growth. The more you interact with your customers using original, branded photo and video, the greater that connection.

Rust Creative Partners


Tell Better Stories.

We're good at what we do, but we have yet to unlock our telepathic powers. Get fresh tips, how-tos, and decidedly different articles to make marketing decisions that work. (1,464 are already).


Content Creation



Rust Creative


We make a difference for businesses, brands and communities with exceptional search engine + social marketing, content creation, and photography.

We're Rust Creative. Let us help you.