More traffic through storytelling.

Rust Creative is here to make a difference – for small businesses, individuals, communities, cities, and brands – through design, search engine optimization, marketing, photography, videography and storytelling. We’re a thinktank, a creative agency, and problem solvers.

We analyze your market to discover what the people are looking for. Then we create the content marketing strategy that brings them to you.

The Goods

We’re not like a supermarket. We’re like a boutique with cheaper prices tucked away in some long-forgotten alley that only the cool kids know about. There are things we do exceptionally well that we’ve dedicated our lives to studying. There are things we don’t do. If they aren’t listed here, we don’t do them.

Content Creation

Pretty broad, like Atlas’ shoulders, isn’t it? Content creation is the creation of digital media in the form of photography, design, & copywriting for use on social media, websites, and other media.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of ensuring that a site appears high on search results returned by a search engine. Accomplished through coding, content creation, and adapting to ever-changing algorithms.

Design & Branding

We design logos, menus, brochures, posters, tradeshow booths, business cards, packaging, or, essentially, anything that gets printed or displayed.


We’ve been working with eCommerce businesses since 1997. That’s since the last century. A lot has changed since the 20th century in terms of marketing and growing an online business, and we’ve been there the whole time to witness it.


Ideation is the formulation of ideas. Is that a thing, you ask? Yeah, it is. Some people are incapable of taking this wealth of information and actually applying it or creating something out of it. We do that.

Social Media Marketing

We can’t give away our secrets, but our success in SMM comes from our ability to craft an original voice for your brand when writing copy, and creating visual identities through design & photography.


We’re living in a visual age. If it can’t be seen, people don’t react. So, why don’t we have photographs on this page? Because search engines don’t like photographs.

Web Design

Web design is where we started. We grew up in Adobe, FrontPage, and Quark. Now, we do it all by hand. That’s right. Handmade web design. How’s that for environmentally friendly?

Content Marketing Methods

The Scout

Discover competitors and beat them at their own game.

This method requires you to find content that’s already in high demand, and then creating your own definitive, best-of-all-time version of that content. It’s a highly, highly competitive methodology that pulls in long-term traffic from search engines, social media, and influencers.

The Forager

Discover what they missed and deliver it.

This content marketing methodology focuses on areas your competitors overlooked in their race to grab the marketplace. The Forager methodology is the cheap-and-fast family of content marketing tactics that give you an edge—even if your competitors can outspend you.

The Rangefinder

Quality can only take you so far. This methodology focuses on quantity.

The Rangefinder methodology is aggressive: it unleashes a never-ending fleet of content that keeps all eyes on you.

The Lonewolf

Show them something completely new.

The Lone Wolf methodology is creates and promotes content that competitor was anticipating. Content created in this vein brings in massive shares, news coverage, and a distances yourself from your competition.

Our “Not” Process

We all know processed foods are bad for you. So too are agencies that try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Therefore, we’re not like other agencies. We don’t have a “process.” We proceed through each problem organically, applying what we’ve learned and searching for new ways to solve the problems we encounter. We learn, we research, and we tailor every project for every client. All we begin with is Zen-like Focus, Research, and Strategy that would make NASA jealous.


Ideas are our bread and butter. We also specialize in building small business by bringing people together through design, photography and marketing.

We’re intentional about the work we take on. Our clients come from every industry, yet they all share our passion for vision, honesty, progress and community.

All of our projects—whatever the size or scope—start with discovery and strategy.

Let’s begin.

Research & Strategy

We want to understand as much as we possibly can about you and your business.

Who are you and what do you do? Why? Who are your customers? What are their needs? What’s already working? How can we use it?

We find untapped strengths and untold stories. Then we show you how we might bring them to life.

We love small business.

And, small businesses love us. We’re Rust Creative, a creative studio located in sunny Kent, Ohio. Our clients work with us because we’re knowledgeable, creative, hardworking and trustworthy. When you grow, we grow.

We want to make a difference.

We’re here to make a difference – to individuals, communities, cities, and brands – through design, search engine optimization, marketing, and storytelling.

We’re ambitious, chase the impossible, and like to challenge ourselves at least three times a day.

Seating More Customers

Through great design and a long-term approach to search engine optimization, we helped Taproot Catering rank first for the search terms vital to their business. Nearly 90% of new catering clients discover Taproot Catering through their website.

See how design and marketing worked for Taproot Catering

Small Business, Global Awareness


Rust Creative has had a very successful partnership with Kent, Ohio-based research and development firm AlphaMicron since 2010. We have worked with AlphaMicron and their subsidiaries, e-Tint and CTRL Eyewear, on search engine optimization, design, and marketing. AlphaMicron has grown from a small, liquid crystal research and design facility into a major supplier to government and military institutions, including Navy, Army and NASA, as well as consumer markets in adventure, cycling, and ski eyewear.

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media for Restaurants

We’ve dined at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago, explored BBQ throughout the gravel roads of the American South, crushed grapes in Milan, and still take adventurous gastronomic trips in some of America’s finest cities. We’re food lovers with a lifetime of experience in design, marketing, and photography. That’s why, a few years ago, we started focusing on SEO and social media for restaurants more than any other industry.
We’re restaurant SEO & social media specialists, as well as food photographers.

Food Photography

We can shoot in studio, on location, and travel/lifestyle food photography. We know our way around a kitchen, so we’ll stay out of the way, or, better yet, we can prepare your meals in-house and shoot them from our studio, provided you supply us with a recipe. Our minimal approach to food styling lets the food speak for itself. Our recipe for food photography success is as follows: 1/4c Jackson Pollock, 1/2tbs Francis Mallman, seasoned with natural light and a dash of Daido Moriyama.

Sample our food photography menu

Bringing the Past to Life

The Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority (AMHA) was established in 1938 to provide affordable housing for Akron, Ohio and surrounding communities. To celebrate and commemorate their 80th year of service, we were asked to design a calendar incorporating a vast array of historical documents and photographs while also keeping an eye on the future.

Franklin Hotel Bar

Our relationship with Franklin Hotel Bar began in the early stages of business development. We consulted with the owners on artwork, fabrics, seating, and lighting, before we designed menus, ads, and the website. Incorporating elements of an old, New-York style hotel bar, we helped craft a lasting brand that resounds through photography, marketing materials, social media posts, and website content. See some of our work.

Rust Creative. Designed to Last.

Rust Creative starts every project with great ideas. Elegant solutions to complex problems take time and thought. There are no miracle cures—only hard work and long-term results.

We’re here for you. We have helped small businesses throughout our community as well as international organizations use design and marketing to achieve lasting results by working together. Our offices are in Kent, Ohio. It is a small town, and we love it. This is where we started and this is where we’ll stay.

We’re not telepaths. Tell us what you need. We’re here to help.

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