Taproot Catering

Taproot Catering provides world class catering prepared by leading chef and owner Brian Bower and his esteemed team of highly skilled chefs. This is a fine catering experience you’ll want again and again.

Taproot Catering

Taproot Catering’s partners had one task for us: design a website that finds new customers. Designing a website is easy, getting customers to discover the website through search engines, in a highly competitive market is no easy task. We designed the website and wrote the copy with search engines in mind. In a few months, Taproot Catering was the #1 website for the search term “catering.” 90% of their business is through the website. They catered our founder’s wedding too. That’s the type of partnership we look for when working with new clients.



Graphic Design, Marketing, SEO, Web Design


November 29, 2017