Music Press Kits & Tour Promotion

If you don’t have a press kit, you aren’t going to get quality shows, reviews, or attention. You need both a digital and physical press kit. We build “media centers” on websites for our music clients that are both easily editable and accessible. If you’re sending out emails to potential venues, you can just add the link to the media center for easy access. It looks professional because it is professional. Here’s what is included:

1. Bio

You must have a current bio. Bookers, talent buyers, and festivals have different requirements for bios, so it would also be a good idea to have a few different versions, including an elevator pitch, a short bio (1 paragraph), a medium bio (a few paragraphs) and a long bio (4+ paragraphs).

2. Photos/images

Please, don’t take photos with your iPhone. Hire a professional. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a professional, high-resolution and digital resolution band photo. You will need both horizontal and vertical, as well as color and black & white. These are required for every booking agency and talent buyer in the industry, and especially helpful for reviewers.

3. Music

Have your music uploaded to a site like Soundcloud for easy access to send to reviewers, talent buyers and booking agents. You can make the link private so nobody leaks the album before it is released.

4. Video

Many blogs and media sites love to embed videos of the artists they’re covering, which helps make the article more visual and engaging. Embed a few of your best videos in your digital press kit to make it easy to find a quality video that best represents your band.

5. Press articles/reviews

It wouldn’t be a press kit without some press, so post links to a few of your best reviews and interviews. Don’t assume that people will click on each article and read them in full. Pull the best quote from each review and include it underneath the link. You can also spice up this part of your digital press kit visually by including the logos of the media source next to each article/review.

6. Notable achievements

If you’ve been nominated for any awards, charted on radio, performed at noteworthy festivals or conferences, you should definitely include this information. Anything that can help to give positive context to your music and career should be in your digital press kit.

7. Contact info

Although you should of course have a “Contact” section on your website, you should also have detailed contact information in your digital press kit to have everything in one place. Include an email address as well as a phone # where a media person or booker can reach you if they need to speak to you in a hurry, they’re often working on tight deadlines.

8. Social media

Include your social links on the page so that if the media person or booker wants to quickly check out your social media presence, they have all the links right there. You don’t have to overdo it, simply list the social media networks that you are most active on.

9. Tech Copy

Technical copy is all of the information about your release – the liner notes, the credits, the album release numbers, everything. Its super handy for reviewers.

Tour Promotion

Every serious musician intent on expanding their fan base makes use of social media to promote their upcoming shows. But, that isn’t enough. In order to set your music apart from the pack you need to arm yourself with posters and individual photos for every Facebook event and Instagram post. Doing so will alert potential fans that you are coming to town.

We’ve been there. We’ve toured. We’ve slept in vans, closets, and bathrooms. We’ve logged more hours on the road than we care to admit (or remember). We know that money can be tight, and we know how important this is. So, we started doing it for the people we care about the most. Rust Creative has designed tour promotion materials for artists like Austin Lucas, John Moreland, and Roger Hoover, as well as Leto Records artist, The Speedbumps.

When you hire Rust to design your promotional materials, you are freeing yourself up to concentrate on what matters most – writing songs and booking shows.

Here’s what we’ll do, at a minimum:
1. We’ll design a tour poster and mail them out for you.
2. We’ll design a Facebook cover photo and Instagram photo for every tour stop you have.

In addition, we can – and would prefer to – custom design all aspects of your tour, merchandise, and branding. We are a multi-disciplinary design studio capable of anything you, or we, dream up. And, most importantly, we’ve been there.