Social Media Management for Restaurants

Social Media Management for Restaurants – Case Study

Reflecting the upscale, relaxed, and handcrafted Franklin Hotel Bar’s brand thorugh social media outlets, website design, and food photography.

When you run a business, you’re always looking for new ways to increase brand awareness and drive sales. Typically, the industry turns towards advertising to achieve these goals. There are alternatives. Recently, we spearheaded a social media marketing campaign to grow brand awareness for the throwback, classic cocktail bar, Franklin Hotel Bar, in Kent, Ohio.

Franklin Hotel Bar – Social Media Before Rust Creative

Franklin Hotel Bar’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) was updated on a semi-regular basis to fair-sized following, but we thought we could differentiate FHB from their competitors by fine-tuning their brand through social media. Their photography was stale, posts needed to be delivered consistently, with a voice that spoke to their market.

Food Photography

Franklin Hotel Bar’s photos were grainy and non-professional. We felt that by professionally photographing their handcrafted cocktails and gorgeous small plates in their natural setting would be more enticing to social media users, while visually representing what FHB has to offer. We turned to our photographer to shoot photos of FHB’s food, drinks, and handcrafted cocktails.

Content & Copywriting

We immediately saw an increase with social media interactions once we started managing and populating FHB’s social media accounts with fresh imagery. We also wanted to deliver content to potential customers in a way that didn’t seem ad-driven, so we came up with a strategy to deliver content in the form of blog posts. These posts would be centered around FHB’s classic cocktails and written specifically towards FHB’s market. Our first post written for Franklin Hotel Bar – Old Fashioned – gained over 3,000 organic impressions in the first six hours.


Rust Creative’s social media management, website redesign, and photography delivered immediate results within days of launching. All traffic and engagement was organic.