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Hard work, ingenuity, dedication, creativity & The American Spirit – all characteristics that spawned the greatest age of innovation in American history. Some would say those traits have disappeared, leaving rusted, emptied carcasses of factories scattered across the Midwest. We kindly disagree.

Rust Creative is here. We are midwesterners with experience in design, developing, illustrating, video, sound, and analytics. We work hard to connect you to your audience, to engage them across multiple platforms – from video to social media to the web.

Rust Creative is here to help. If you want to see how we can help with your next project, please get in touch.

Become a Client


01 Who We Work With

We work with large, complex organizations who seek to display large bits of information, small businesses with great ideas, nonprofits who need more awareness, and everyone in between.

02 What We Do

We are comfortable in all realms of print design & digital media, including web design & development, video production, social media marketing, search engine optimization and more.

03 Graphic Design

Our graphic design services include everything from advertising for trade publications to non-profit & grassroots marketing and menu design.

04 Web Design

We have designed websites for large scientific r&d firms with enormous amounts of data, ecommerce, restaurants, and small businesses. We have spent 20 years designing for the web and know the current standards and trends.

04 Our Approach

We use design to solve communication problems. We use metrics and logic to achieve clarity in design. We believe that form follows function and every client requires a tailored approach to solving their own unique problems.

05 Contact Us

Need a quote? Want to discuss a project? Don't be shy. Feel free to shoot us an email. We respond quickly.